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Pension Dynamics is the preferred benefits plan advisory service for the San Francisco Bay Area. We provide maximum benefit to employers and participants and a complete range of investment products that are selected based on investment returns, not commissions. As a private company, we specialize in retirement plan design, administration and record keeping. We are independent of financial institutions that are in the business of investing assets. Our clients choose investments from a virtually unlimited universe of no-load fund choices solely on the basis of an expectation of superior performance and a certainty of low internal fees, free from sales or marketing costs.

Minimizing Retirement Plan Costs

Most retirement plan advisors focus your attention on the visible costs associated with the plan but leave the hidden costs, well, hidden. We don’t agree with that. Those hidden or soft dollar costs can, over the years, substantially reduce the amount of retirement savings a participant will have. Pension Dynamics shops the market and lets you know what major vendors would be charging both plan sponsors and participants for an equivalent plan with comparable investments.

Getting the Most from Your Retirement Plan

Too many employers have been let down by retirement plans that are high on cost and short on results. We believe plan sponsors and participants should have high expectations of their retirement plan and their plan administrator. Pension Dynamics can help your business offer retirement services that are affordable, easy to administer, fully compliant and flexible.

Retirement Plan Administration and Compliance

For many employers, the administration and compliance oversight required for managing retirement plans can be overwhelming. Pension Dynamics specializes in plan design, administration and record keeping.

We provide the following services as part of your company’s retirement plan:

Plan Design & Documentation

Ongoing Annual Plan Review Meetings

Record Keeping

Administrative Support Services

Participant & Sponsor Accounts
24/7 online account access

Minimal Involvment
Minimal employer involvement in day-to-day administration

Unlimited phone consultation
For employees, human resources and payroll departments