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If you are a retirement plan sponsor, you have a fiduciary responsibility to ensure that the fees paid by you and your participants are “reasonable”.

Periodic reviews of your plan’s fees by benchmarking is a prudent way to fulfill that responsibility.

Benchmark and Improve Your Retirement Plan

Our benchmark analysis compares these 5 critical areas to a typical Pension Dynamics plan:

We calculate a weighted average return of your existing plan’s funds over a 3 and 5-year period. The returns are compared to the returns generated by a group of mutual funds with a 4 and 5-star Morningstar rating. Morningstar Inc. is an independent investment research firm that compiles and analyzes fund, stock, and general market data to determine the investment quality of funds.

We look at the investments in your plan to see if the plan has an optimal variety of investment types offering participants the opportunity to reduce their risk while retaining the long-term advantages of stock market exposure.

We perform a review of the investment selection process and evaluate based on the Morningstar data.

We look at what the current funds are charging participants. Reviewing the fees can help ensure that your participants are paying reasonable fees for their investments.

We look at your current Investment Advisory fees, Recordkeeping fees and Plan Administration fees, and compare them to our fees.

Get a Sample

We offer the Retirement Plan Benchmark Review as a complimentary service to plan sponsors of prospective clients

Information needed to complete your analysis:


List of your current investment options including ticker symbols


The total amount of assets in each fund


Participant Fee Disclosure ERISA §404(a)(5)


Employer Fee Disclosure ERISA §408(b)(2)


Service Agreement with your Registered Investment Advisor