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Why stocks are not responding to growth

They say the market climbs on a "wall of worry," and most of that worrying comes from the Nattering Nabobs of Negativism out there in the community of economists and short sellers. I spent a morning last week listening to Alan Beaulieu, a widely-respected and historically accurate economist and principal at the Institute for Trend Research. Folded up in my breast pocket was the latest newsletter from Norm Fosback of "Fosback's Fund Forecaster" fame and author of "Stock Market Logic."

Fixing Social Security not impossible problem

Natalie Cole blew the roof off Yoshi's in Oakland last weekend. In that intimate setting, it was like she was singing in our living room.

Her signature piece toward the end of the show is a duet she sings with her late father, Nat King Cole. As I sat there with goosebumps, marveling at this timeless bond between father and daughter, I found myself thinking about Social Security and how, in its genius, it links the generations.

Mass bank exec exodus nonexistent

The collapse of the financial services industry may have been just the catharsis that this country needed after gorging on tax cuts and an unrestrained free enterprise system. Like Warren Buffett says, "When the tide goes out, you see who's not wearing a bathing suit."

My "Man of the Year" award goes to Kenneth Feinberg, the government-appointed pay czar. He has capped annual pay at $500,000 for senior officials at all the banks that received our tax money, and now he is working on what the maximum salaries will be for the next level down.

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